Petra coffemaker red

Aluminum coffee maker suitable for all types of stoves including induction. Diameter of the base wider so that the induction plates detect the coffee maker.

Petra coffeemaker red


6 Cups
9 Cups
12 Cups


  1. Fill the water tank until the valve (do not fill it above de valve, since it would prevent it from working if necessary).
  2. Fill the filter with the grinds.
  3. Float the filter inside the water tank.
  4. Firmly screw the top part. It is very important not to screw or unscrew the coffeemaker by the handle.
  5. Put the coffeemaker on the stove hob, low to medium heat, and take it off the heat when all the coffee is out.
  6. Hand wash. Do not wash the coffeemaker in the dishwasher.
  1. Do not use bleach or products containing chlorine when washing the coffeemaker, because they damage the steel.
  2. Before using the coffeemaker for the first time, wash it with warm water and soap. Then verify that it works a couple times only using water.
  3. We recommend a regular wash of the filter, the basket, the tube and the funnel with a generous amount of water.
  4. After washing the coffeemaker, dry it with a cloth and store it unscrewed.
  5. Before using it, verify that the valve is clean and unblocked. To do so, press the inside ball of the safety valve and verify that it is not rigid and, thus, it is unblocked.
  6. The filter and the funnel must be properly cleaned until the holes are unclogged.
  1. Use soft water.
  2. We recommend applying low heat, and also avoiding flames to come up by the edge of the tank.
  3. Coffee should not be too grinded and should not be pressed inside the filter.
  4. Use only grinded coffee; do not use coffee extracts or infusions.
  5. This is a steam pressure coffeemaker; therefore, never open it while hot. To open the coffeemaker, allow it to cool under cold water.
  6. We recommend changing the rubber gasket every year.
  7. To ensure the coffeemaker’s operating functions, only original OROLEY parts shall be used.
  8. This is a steam pressure coffeemaker. An inappropriate use can cause burn injuries. Verify that it has been well tightened before using it.
  9. In case the coffee doesn’t come out and there is a steam leak:
  10. Allow it to cool under cold water, tighten the screw and put it back on the top hob. If steam keeps leaking, replace the rubber gasket.
  11. In case steam comes through the working valve:
    1. If coffee is coming out through the tube, low the heat to the minimum level.
    2. If coffee is not coming out and the steam whistle is strong, turn off the heat, allow the coffeemaker to cool, verify that the amount of coffee is the appropriate (not too grinded, not too pressed) and check the tube and the filter are not clogged

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